Adoption Services

When no appropriate friends or relatives are available, the agency relies on the assistance of foster parents. Our foster parents are licensed through the Ohio Department of Human Services, and receive pre-service and on-going training in working with children placed in their homes. We attempt to match the needs of the child with the strengths of the foster family.

The agency pays a stipend to assist with the cost of caring for children placed in foster homes. All therapy and medical care needed by the child is covered by the agency.

The Special Services Unit supports and works closely with foster families and the child's caseworker to create a team approach on safely reunifying the child with the parent or, if reunification is not an option, a permanent placement plan for the child is developed.

Agency foster families also may be approved as adoptive applicants. If a child becomes available for adoption and appropriate relatives are not available, foster parents will be considered as an adoptive placement.