About Adoption


When children are unable to be safely reunited with their families and are placed in the permanent custody of the agency by Juvenile Court, they become available for adoption.

Many of these children are older, have siblings or special needs.

The Foster Care and Adoption Unit recruits adoptive parents from diverse backgrounds and income levels who are committed to giving children a permanent family.

After staff prepares families for the adoption process, they work to locate and match them with children who need a permanent home.

Adoptive parents may qualify for financial assistance to help them support their adoptive children.

All the children available for adoption are in some form of a foster care setting. This means the parental rights of the child's parents have been terminated, making the child legally free for adoption.

Foster parenting may, under some special circumstances, be an avenue to adoption. Foster parenting can sometimes make it possible for a child to enter your home sooner than if you wait until a particular child becomes available for adoption. In fact, adoptions by former foster parents make up a large percentage of our adoptions.


Call Allen County Children Services at (419) 227-8590 and ask to speak to an Adoption Worker. We will be glad to answer any questions you may have and send you more information. You will be invited to our next orientation meeting for prospective adoptive parents.