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Federal and state laws and rules say you cannot be treated differently (discriminated against) because of your race, color, country of origin, age or disability.

Message from the Director


Where did Summer go?

It seems like yesterday the school year just ended and summer was finally here. Now a new school year is starting.

The start of the school year is a special time for many children. It marks a return to the place where children not only receive an education but reunite with friends and make new ones, some of whom may be lifelong.

As adults, many of us fondly remember our first day in elementary school or high school. Seeing old friends, sharing laughs or the lessons that stuck with us from a favorite teacher are some of those magical memories created in school.  

The educational experience prepares children for the world as adults. They learn valuable lessons that help them work toward a life as an adult full of hopes and dreams.

We want all children in Allen County to have a safe school year. Safety is the first priority for children at school. This starts with the journey to school each day, whether walking or on the bus. We ask parents and others on the road to be watchful for children especially in the morning as children make their way to school and in the afternoon when they are on their way home.

School also is the place children have contact with an adult outside the home. Teachers and others at the school are valuable partners to us in spotting signs of abuse and neglect so we can help children and their families.  

We want to see all children flourish. We wish every family and every child in our community our warmest wishes in having a safe school year filled with learning and cherished memories.

                  - Cynthia Scanland, MSSA


The Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction protects and supports Ohioans by ensuring that adult felony offenders are effectively supervised in environments that are safe, humane, and appropriately secure.


The Ohio's Electronic Sex Offender Registration and Notification (eSORN) program is one of the nation's preeminent applications for locating and tracking registered sex offenders.

Ohio JFS

The Ohio Job and Family Services Develops and oversees programs that provide health care, employment and economic assistance, child support, and services to families and children.