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The May 21, 2019, scheduled meeting of the Allen County Children Services Board has been cancelled. The next board meeting is scheduled for June 18, 2019, at 5:15 p.m.






Federal and state laws and rules say you cannot be treated differently (discriminated against) because of your race, color, country of origin, age or disability.

Message from the Director


It’s May and that means it’s time to honor and thank our foster parents.

May is National Foster Care Month. The month is dedicated to recognizing the foster parents who help our agency throughout the year. We hold a Foster Parent Appreciation Banquet each year during May to honor and thank foster parents.

Foster parents play a vital role in providing loving and safe homes for children who cannot safely remain in their own home and do not have a relative’s home to stay. Foster parents are called upon to open their home at a moment’s notice, sometimes in the middle of the night. They are asked to care for a child and meet his or her need as if that child were their own.

We have 42 licensed homes and some of the homes are filling or no longer active. So, the month gives us a chance to again ask anyone who ever has thought about becoming a foster parent to call our agency at 419-227-8590 to speak to a foster care specialist.

Foster care is intended to be temporary with the goal of family reunification once safety concerns have been addressed. In some cases, however, safety concerns cannot be overcome and other options are sought to provide children with permanency.


                  - Cynthia Scanland, MSSA


The Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction protects and supports Ohioans by ensuring that adult felony offenders are effectively supervised in environments that are safe, humane, and appropriately secure.


The Ohio's Electronic Sex Offender Registration and Notification (eSORN) program is one of the nation's preeminent applications for locating and tracking registered sex offenders.

Ohio JFS

The Ohio Job and Family Services Develops and oversees programs that provide health care, employment and economic assistance, child support, and services to families and children.